How it Started…

At the beginning of 2020, we had so many exciting projects planned to bring more decorated cookies to the local Sacramento area including monthly themed classes, rotating baked goods for flash sales, and even a cookie advent calendar that we had already been designing for a year.

March hit, COVID struck, and the world shut down, putting a damper on all of our physical projects. How could we still share the cookie love in a socially distanced world?

We noticed immediately that a lot of people wanted to learn to bake- the grocery shelves were suddenly cleared of sugar, butter, flour, and yeast. The number of people trying their hand at bread making at the beginning of the pandemic was at an all-time high. Baking, in general, seemed like an American comfort activity during the first few weeks of the pandemic.

In response, Borderlands Bakery needed to pivot- how can we find a way to do what we love, sharing our baking knowledge and decorating techniques with you when we can’t be physically there? Online courses already existed in other industries… could we bring it to the world of baking?

… and just like that, Baking with Borderlands was born. We boiled down more than 10 years’ worth of knowledge in our first comprehensive cookie course. We covered everything from our crowd-favorite roll-out dough recipes to royal icing, and then all the way to packaging because we all know those details matter.

From that first comprehensive cookie course came a suite of other cookie decorating courses, and general baking courses, including our popular French Macaron course, where Lisa will teach you how to make these finicky little suckers, in the easiest way possible.

As a part of the Baking with Borderlands ethos, we’ve also created a community of bakers who have all experienced these classes and ask questions and help each other out in our private community channels.

Over the last two years, we’ve also had guest instructors teach as a part of Baking with Borderlands sharing their knowledge with us.

Looking to the future, we hope to continue fostering a helpful and loving baking community and look forward to hosting more guest instructors in our virtual classroom.

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Our Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Lisa He! I’m the owner of Borderlands Bakery. If you’re new here, welcome! Baking with Borderlands is my opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve gained so that you can make cookies that wow the crowd. In my ten years of cookie decorating, I’ve used numerous techniques along with trial and error to produce the results you see today. Our course offering will focus on strategies to create the most impact with the least amount of effort, saving you time, money, and headaches.

At Baking with Borderlands you will find all our course offerings to help you improve your cookie decorating and baking skills!

As Seen On

Food Network

I got the opportunity to compete on Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge. You can see me on Season 2 Episode 5.

Sugar Rush

While I didn’t make it as far as I’d hoped to I also got to compete on Netflix’ series Sugar Rush! Check me out on Season 1 Episode 1.