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Want to Easily Decorate the CUTEST (and most delicious) Cookies of Your Life?

Now’s your chance!

No more relying on cookbooks, scouring a gazillion YouTube videos or second-guessing your baking skills.

You will learn the secrets to what makes royal icing cookies look (and taste) REALLY GOOD!

I’m going to help you build the foundational skills that will help you become self-reliant in the kitchen. I want to make sure you understand the most important aspects of baking and decorating that took me 10 years and teaching hundreds of students to perfect.

With this course, you’ll take your baking and decorating skills to whatever heights you desire!

From stress baking to Netflix & Food Network

When I first started baking, I never thought that this hobby would birth multiple businesses, and ultimately land me on Netflix and Food Network. I even took home the $10,000 grand prize for Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge in 2018!  You never know what picking up that piping bag might do for your future self.

My cookies before and after

How it started vs. how it’s going

When I decorated my first cookies in 2011, I thought that the way we got color on there was by brushing colored egg wash onto the dough pre-bake. Needless to say, I’ve come a long way, and am excited to shared my tips/tricks with you.

My first failed attempt at making decorated cookies

See what other cookiers have to say!

“Lisa took all the information that I was seeing and reading about all over the internet and condensed it down. She made every step of the process simple to understand. From using her recipe to icing consistency the course material was very thorough. Lisa’s approach to teaching is exceptional!”

Samantha R.

Before and after cookie course

This course is full of video classes that will make you feel like you’re in the kitchen with me.

Course includes:

  • OVER six hours of personal instruction going over making/baking the dough, making icing and the various consistencies, how to color and store icing, how to use tipless piping bags, various techniques that will help you create maximum impact designs with minimum effort
  • A discussion about my decorating process around how I design my sets
  • FOUR in-depth, step-by-step cookie decorating classes spanning various themes and occasions (Halloween, Fall, Christmas, BONUS: Summer)
  • Storage insights and packaging suggestions for dressing up your treats
  • UNIQUE follow-up troubleshooting video


With the rise in popularity of cookie decorating, you’ve probably been through loads of cookie info on the web… 🙇🏻‍♀️

Yes, there is a ton of information out there. It’s clear that the world of cookie decorating is only limited by imagination. That said, there is also a bunch of conflicting advice as well, and honestly, context is everything. When you pause to think about it, lots of the information regarding dough, storage, baking, and icing can all apply, but you have to think through how it affects YOU, depending on your equipment, environment, and actual technique. In this regard, no two bakers have the exact same setup, creating room for error in areas that you may not have considered before,

Why does your dough spread? It could be your recipe ratios, how you’re measuring your ingredients, the temperature of your butter, your climate, actual oven temperature, and so much more.

Who cares about a kitchen scale? 
Well, depending on if you measure by volume or by weight, you can have a 20% difference in actual amount of flour used. That can most definitely throw off your recipe.

Or, why bother when an oven thermometer?
MOST home ovens run a little off- few are ever the exact temperature that you set. By double-checking this with an oven thermometer, you can rule out your oven as a source of error if you’re struggling with getting your dough base just right.

.. and we still have tons to discuss around bleeding, cratering, consistencies, etc.

In this course, I’ll be pointing out my thought processes, why I do things in a certain way, so you build on your self self-awareness and can be resourceful in your own troubleshooting.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover:

We’ll start with dough

You’ll be given my most versatile dough recipe and guidance on how to make it your own (think snickerdoodle, chocolate, and more) if you’d like. If you struggle with dough spreading or coming out a little off, we have a whole section dedicated to troubleshooting.

The icing on the cookie

You’ll get my recipe and step-by-step video instructions to help you make beautiful and delicious royal icing. I share the various consistencies I use to create high-impact designs with minimal effort. We go over piping techniques, coloring your icing all in own bowl, and so much more.

Classes & MORE!

Once we have all basics covered, I’ll guide you through 3 seasonal classes (plus a bonus class) AND talk about about design, storage, packaging, troubleshooting and more!

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Once you register, you have unlimited access to the course, going at your own pace, from anywhere in the world using an internet connection.

Our comprehensive e-book is all yours.


Guides, Recipes, and Templates from OVER A DECADE of baking
  • Dough Recipe Secrets
    • Modifications for flavors, tips & tricks, troubleshooting summary
  • Icing Recipe Secrets
    • Modifications, tips & tricks, troubleshooting summary
  • Tool Selection Guides
  • Icing Templates
  • Supplier list for ingredients, tools, packaging
  • Pointers for if you want to continue your cookie education
Cookier ebook preview

Let’s start decorating.

From in-depth guides, to technique break downs, I will show you my design process that helps me create beautiful cookies every time.

Fresh icing to make decorated sugar cookies
Lisa He decorating a sugar cookie
Sugar cookie advanced decorations
My first failed attempt at making decorated cookies

Beginners advice I wish I knew…

Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back over my last ten years of cookie decorating, I have created a list of the MOST IMPORTANT things I wish I knew when I was just starting out. And even if you’ve been decorating a while, you’ll benefit from our tips.

Your course also includes 3 decorating classes:

Halloween Mickie & Minnie Class

Halloween Minnie and mickey decorating class preview

Fall Pumpkins Class

Fall Pumpkin cookie decorating class preview

Pastel Xmas Class

Pastel Christmas cookie course preview

PLUS… there’s MORE!

BONUS CLASS: Under the sea & on the beach

With full instruction video and PDF decorating guide!

Under the ocean and on the beach decorated sugar cookies
“I can’t express how much gratitude I feel for being able to share my love for cookie decorating with you all in such a comprehensive way. I’m really proud of this course we created, which covers all aspects of cookie decorating from dough to packaging.  I would absolutely love for you to come to class with me.”
– Lisa He

See you in class!