If you’re new to decorated cookies or are struggling with your dough and royal icing…

Skill Level: Beginner

… we see you, and we’re here to help. Here’s your chance to get inside the head of a cookie decorating expert. If you’re really serious, please consider our Comprehensive Course instead, as that course contains all the info in this course plus 4 additional decorating classes.

We know what we’re talking about.

With 10 years of cookie decorating experience under her belt, appearances on Netflix and Food Network, plus features in many publications across the world, your course instructor Lisa He will guide you through every step of the dough and royal icing making process. She’ll teach you what to look out for and things to avoid such as dough spread, and various icing consistencies. Most importantly, her goal is to arm you with the fundamental concepts that allow you to understand “why” something is happening.

What's included in the course:
  • 30+ page written course guide with a wealth of knowledge
  • Recipes for both dough and icing, plus modifications for various flavors
  • Step-by-step video instruction guiding you through the whole process
  • Video instruction for piping techniques
  • Guidance for storage
  • Packaging ideas and list of suppliers
  • Piping practice sheet
  • Access to our member-only Facebook group for additional help when needed

We all start somewhere.

When Lisa first started decorating cookies, she thought the color was achieved by brushing colored egg wash on raw dough prior to baking. … She was way off (laughing/crying emoji here). We’re happy to report that she’s come a long way, and that she wants to save you the headache and frustration.

Once you sign up, you’ll gain immediate access to the go-at-your-own-pace course. Courses are accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and your access does not expire. You’ll also be invited to our private Facebook page for additional support from Malek and I plus the Baking with Borderlands community!

You’ll also get exclusive coupon codes for our favorite vendors!

Here’s what you’ll learn in class:

The Basics of Dough

Why does dough spread? Which parameters *really* matter when it comes down to baking the perfect cut-out cookie? Lisa will talk you through the science of baking cookies that don’t spread. Our step-by-step videos take the guesswork out of what creates the perfectly baked cookie base.

How to work with Royal Icing

Royal icing can be super tricky and there are so many factors when it comes to achieving various piping consistencies and creating icing that doesn’t bleed, doesn’t become porous or flows all over the place. We’ll show you all the tips, tricks and things to watch out for to get the perfect icing.

Bonus: Storage & Packaging

The shelf life of your cookies depends on your preferred bake, decorating time and how you store them. Learn some tricks of the trade as it relates to storage, and also gain some insights on packaging for gifting or selling. Lisa shares packaging ideas and suppliers with you in the course guide.

We’ll see you in Class!