Elevate Your Cake Game

Skill Level: Intermediate

Welcome to our first Baking with Borderlands course collaboration. Guest instructor Malek Binns (@frostedbymalekbinns) joins Lisa (@borderlandsbakery) in the kitchen to teach you how to make THREE seasonal cakes that will have your guests in line to take photos for IG before taking a bite.

Malek and Lisa will show you how to create delicious and eye-catching cakes utilizing a wide range of transferable techniques that can be applied to any edible art project.

Learn the techniques to decorate 3 seasonal cakes!

Once you sign up, you’ll gain immediate access to the go-at-your-own-pace course. Courses are accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and your access does not expire. You’ll also be invited to our private Facebook page for additional support from Malek and I plus the Baking with Borderlands community!

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About Malek and Lisa:

Malek and Lisa are experienced dessert artists who have been featured in publications around the world. Both bakers have strong social media presences and are very engaged with the cake and cookie community. Teaching is a huge part of both Malek and Lisa’s day-day activities!

Malek is a classically trained baker and published author. Lisa is a self-taught baker who has been featured by both Netflix and Food Network.

This course will allow you to “get inside” their brains and watch them work together to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

  • Learn not only the techniques, but also be involved as we show you how to fix mistakes when things don’t go as planned
  • Beautiful cakes are great… but they should also taste amazing. Malek and Lisa share their coveted cake and buttercream recipes with you.
  • Get insight from two bakers with very different backgrounds: learn from their thought process and pick up tips/tricks that you otherwise may not know of.
  • Sometimes, store bought is OK: Lisa and Malek share their thoughts with you about certain components that can be store bought vs. made from scratch.

Don’t be afraid to “fail”.

If you look at the photo of where I started at in my cake journey, you’ll see that even though I was making cool cookies, I wasn’t hitting home runs when I went to decorate cakes. I was learning on my own, watching youtube videos but VERY few people walk you through the step-by-step techniques along with the cues that you should look for when executing the techniques.

Messing up and having “ugly” cakes is a part of the learning process: it takes time and repetition to get good at anything. This course will help ease your learning curve but nothing helps more than practice. Looking forward to seeing what you create!


What is this course about?

Watch the video to learn more!

Halloween Cake

Our delicious Black Forest cake is decorated with stripes, drips, modeling chocolate and sparkly cherries. With these basics skills under your belt, you’ll be ready for the next two designs!

Fall Cake

This pretty fall cake is the PERFECT centerpiece for your holiday gathering. This course emphasizes “painting” on buttercream, chocolate details, and rice crispy treat/truffle pumpkins.

Winter Cake

Our most complex cake features Lisa’s FAVORITE white chocolate raspberry cake base! Learn how to create mirror glaze, isomalt snowflakes, crystal candy gems and MORE!

We’ll see you in Class!