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Want to make French Macarons, but feeling confused or overwhelmed?

Let us help!

Macarons are notoriously difficult to make, but they don’t have to be. Throw all the superstition out the door, and let me help you.


I’ll teach you the secrets to what makes macarons look (and taste) REALLY GOOD!


No voodoo. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining. And you don’t have to count the number of “folds” it takes to get the perfect batter consistency.

I’m going to help you take your macaron baking skills to the next level! You’ll get to follow along with me as I show you the recipes and techniques that took me more than 5 years to perfect.

You’ll see that you don’t need to pray to the macaron gods or follow bogus theories to make perfect macarons. This course includes the recipe, ingredient ratio calculator, filling recipes, piping templates, techniques, troubleshooting and more.

From stress baking to Netflix & Food Network

When I first started baking, I never thought that this hobby would allow me to quit my full time job in biotech, birth multiple businesses, and ultimately land me on Netflix and Food Network. I even took home the $10,000 grand prize for Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge in 2018!  You never know what picking up that piping bag might do for your future self.

My macs before and after

How it started vs. how it’s going

When I started making macarons I made more macaWRONGS than anything else. Today I’ve taught hundreds of students how to make these cute treats from their home oven. I also provide you tips on what you can do if you make a macaWRONG and an extensive trouble shooting guide so you understand any variables that could be impacting your macs.

horrible macarons
best macarons

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Here’s Everything the course comes with: 

  • Immediate lifetime access (as long as we exist) to course materials, go-at-your-own pace instruction from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Pre-recorded Video instruction for shells and fillings ($100 value)
  • Recipes & MS Excel Calculator for your shells ($25 value)
  • A very comprehensive 40+ page course guide (preview the table of contents below in Curriculum Preview) ($25 value)
  • 20+ piping templates ($10 value)
  • All future updates & improvements to the course


Every participant gets access to our private Baking with Borderlands Facebook community, giving you direct access to Lisa and other helpful bakers You’ll also get exclusive Baking with Borderlands updates and specials!

You’ll get a $160+ value this for just $62.99

If you’ve tried making macarons before and been overwhelmed, I see you.. 🙇🏻‍♀️

There are countless recipes to sift through online, each of them with their own spin or nod to an unneccesary superstitious approach. It creates more chaos than it does clarity, and I see you. When I first started baking these, there wasn’t anything online for me to reference, I got in and started to wing it. The results were less than pretty. This course will give you the tools to confidently make some of the cutest cookies you’ve ever seen, without the BS.

Counting to 50?
No we won’t be counting the “folds” of our our batter.

Who cares about a kitchen scale? 
Well, depending on if you measure by volume or by weight, you can have a 20% difference in actual amount of flour used. That will definitely throw off your recipe. So in this case, we do really care.

Propping open the oven?
Please don’t, not only is it unnecessary it may lead to a well baked wooden spoon in the oven. We will cut through all the haziness and show you everything to become a macaron master. 

In this course, I’ll be pointing out my thought processes, why I do things in a certain way, so you build on your self-awareness and can be resourceful in your own troubleshooting. If you are still feeling like you need some guidance you will gain access to the Baking with Borderlands community too.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover:

Techniques, recipes, templates

We’ll provide our base shell recipes, a bunch of modifications / substitutions along with filling ideas. There will also be 20+ piping templates included with the course.

No such thing as foolproof

Understanding the parameters that contribute to Macaron success is crucial. You’ll learn about the factors related to equipment, environment & actual technique to help you make great macarons.

Troubleshooting & MORE

We provide a comprehensive troubleshooting section along with storage info, ideas for packaging and leveling up your macarons!

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“Baking has changed my life and that of those around me. Through baking, I’ve developed relationships and explored opportunities that I would have never imagined. I hope you join me in class to see what thousands of other bakers already know: that life is short, so we have to bake it sweet.”
– Lisa He

See you in class!